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 Buying your first house 

Your life best advice

This could be your life best advice that you ever receive for free; we invite you to buy your own house, because everybody deserves a house to live in, but there are a few things that one needs to learn to become an owner of a house. So here under we are going to discuss some of the most important things, so that you can learn the most important things that one needs to know before you buy your house, we are also inviting you to read our articles about building and maintaining your property.  

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  Welcome to Frank Menchise website DIY Brickwork and gets the job done right! But first let us tell you how and why I have worked in the building industry when I came to Brisbane Australia; and now, we invite you to buy your own house, so let us see and compare, for sale or for rent houses.

  Looking for houses for sale or rent

Humanity accommodation needs

The main driving urge that we feel within us is that we should be looking after ourselves, because we are born with the will to survive and therefore we want to look after ourselves constantly; in order to achieve that we know that we have to satisfy our personal needs first of all, the first most important of our needs is that we have to eat and drink; after eating and drinking our next important need would be finding a safe permanent accommodation for ourselves and our family, so that we would be able to rest and sleep, I have no doubts about it; these two needs that we have are always at the top of our minds and are driving us to think what we need to do all the time.

Having said more or less that deep within our heart we know that we need some secure accommodation, now, let us at least dream that one day we are looking for a property for sale, because we would like to buy one. You see I believe that most of us will at least dream that one day we would own our own home; it is only natural that we do, because if we are renting we are forced to remember that every time we have to pay the rent? Therefore at that moment we wish that we owned that property outright, even if it is a small unit that just covers our heads; because after eating and drinking having a roof over our heads is the most important need that we have. But for most of us that will remain only a dream unless we are prepared to do our best and really try to buy our own accommodation?  

Dear readers, in this article we would like to talk about our accommodation needs, which drive us to notice those for sale or rent signs whenever and wherever we are driving or walking about in town, because those signs for sale or for rent reminds us that we are still renting, and we have not been able yet to secure any property in our name, which we believe it would be a good thing to do, because while we are renting we feel that rent is money down the drain.

But what we need to do to achieve that this is the first question that comes to our minds. And then, are there the right ways and a wrong ways how to do it? You see to buy a property is not easy to say the least, in fact it is very hard when one starts and does not have much money and does not know even how to go about.   

But we need to do something about it, because back in our minds we really would like to own a property, and we start thinking, if other people are doing it I/we should be able to do it also, so we start looking at ways how to go about to buy this property?

Okay, to buy a property it is not easy, unless and somehow you happen to have money in the bank? Well I should say that not many people have money in the bank these days, even though it is not as hard as it used to be to earn money these days, because when I was young there were times when it was very hard to earn money, and there was not any help from the government ether when there was no work, so the little money we made we had to save it for those times when there was no work, I hope you see what I mean? So, I and most other people that lived at those times went through the school of hard knocks so to speak. Anyhow anything that happens during one’s life will teach something that can be useful later on; so all is not lost and from this hard life experiences something good would come out of it, if one is able to use them to your advantage. 

We all need some sort of accommodation, so we are always looking for ways how to find what we need and can afford. if we happen to be living permanently in city or town, we may have to decide whether to rent or buy our own house. 

 Using those life experiences

As we were saying at the beginning, looking at those signs for sale or for rent makes one desire to buy a property, but how to achieve that is hard to know. You see dear readers I have also gone through with all this experiences and desires to buy my first own house. But somehow I believe that I was in a better position then, because I would have known my position better than the young people of these days, because I already knew that I had to save enough money to buy a property, as it could not be done in any other ways.  

Look, I have to tell you that I was not any smarter than you are today, but as I have said we were used to save money, so we had this first and most important principle right, because to save money when there is not much money around is very important? Having said that now it follows that for me when I earned good money automatically I would save it?

Today the young people do not seem to understand that to make money one needs to work, because when they are very young they see their parents and friends to go to the bank or the teller machine and draw money out of it, so they think that money comes easy and they don’t have to worry about saving it? But they are very wrong in that judgment, because to make money somebody must have worked hard somewhere; you see money is only a vehicle that entitles the owner of that money to exchange it with other goods; at this point of time one could say that money equals goods that have been produced and have been exchanged with money.

Now let me go back to the facts that we need to save money, if we are going to buy our own accommodation and let me tell you this so that you can see what I mean. Let me take an example during my own life when there was not much money to go around; now let us say that you get your first job and you work hard at it because you want to keep it, as there are not many jobs around and you need the money. Then when the time comes and you collect the first pay in cash, as it was done at the time when I started working, when you see that money in your hands, you feel satisfied with yourself just because you have been able to earn that money. You are not going to go out and spend that money left right and centre, because to earn that money was hard work? That is the principle of making money, somebody must have worked hard to make that money and there is no other way about it.

So, working hard and saving is the first principle to start with if you want to own your own house. If you do that then there is a good chance that one day you really are going to look at those sign for sale and be able to buy your own house, even if it is a small house or one bedroom apartment. And then you could say goodbye to paying rent?

 How to get ready to buy

To buy your own house is not easy as it sounds, not only because you need a large amount of money to start with, but also because there are many things that one should know, if you don’t want to make costly mistakes. But here we could and would like to help you with our own acquired knowledge, since we have bought some properties ourselves in the past.

Now what we are going to tell you here cannot apply strictly worldwide, because costumes and laws are usually different from country to country, and time and places can even be different in the same country; but the hard core principle remain the same, so what we are going to say here may not exactly apply to you and you have to allow for the difference that might exists at the time that you buy, it is important that you know a bit the financial laws, so that you may understand how the money market works, and also the residential laws of the country where you are buying your accommodation, because there are many types of holdings, but let us assume that you are buying a house or unit here in Australia, and you are buying a freehold title, this means that once you have bought it remains in your name forever unless you sell it to someone else.

Now that we have sorted out what we are buying and we are buying a freehold property, let us see how we can finance it, because here we need to be very careful also even if we have a fair amount of money, which usually we don’t. But even if you happen to have enough money to buy your house cash, it might be safer that you don’t, unless you know a lot about properties and you have a good solicitor that can do your paper work right the first time around.

But here in our case we are really trying to explain how to buy your first house safely, with whatever money you have been able to save, and what should the first home buyer understand in order to achieve that safely, so let us talk about money now and what is the best way to organize your finances, and to understand what is involved. So in our next hub we will be talking about, buying your first house.

  Buying your first house

We all would like to live and if possible own the best house available, perhaps just like the one in the photo shown beside here, but to be able to buy that house one needs to have lots of money and this is not the case for the first home buyers, but it is a dream that any of us can dream and if we work hard to achieve that, maybe one day we would be able to own even a house like that, but let us first of all dream about it, but at the same time let us work out how to start to own just a plain house that we can afford; and then by working hard we should be able to climb up the ladder one step at a time.

In order to do that we should learn how to organize ourselves to save enough money, and at the same time we should learn about organizing and understanding finance, because to buy a house it is important to know that. Our dream home might be something like the picture beside here; but really these houses shown in this link below might be good enough and if they are not, then let us use them to climb up the ladder of real estate.

  Cedar Homes: Timber Framed Homes Perth, WA Timber Homes


 Organizing and understanding finance

We have already mentioned in our last hub, Houses for sale or rent that we need money to buy a house, but, what we have not said is that this money should be your money that you have saved for a while for any worthwhile purpose, so first of all it is necessary that we have a good knowledge of how to organize and understand financial matters, so organizing and understanding finance is very important, if you want really to buy your own house.

But, here I am afraid that I have to say that the younger generation of today are not thinking to save money at all, and this is the greatest problem that they will encounter when they are going to buy a house; you see they spend their money before they earn it, because the greedy money lenders have invented the credit card and the credit card allows people to buy things with their borrowed money, of course you have to give it back to them, but while you are doing that the money lenders charge very high interest for the small amount of money that you have borrowed from them.

So the very first thing that you have to learn if you want to buy a house is that you have to save money, and that you are not borrowing money unless it is really necessary for any large items like buying a car or a house, everything else you have to buy with your own money. Therefore, if you have no money to spend don’t buy anything, unless those things are strictly necessary, if you do that you will find that every now and then you can save some money, once you have done that a few times, you are on the way of saving enough money to buy your own dream home.

Let me explain here how this money business works; so let us describe a couple of examples that with time they might make you reach in one case, or they would make you broke for the rest of your life.

So let us assume that there are two people that earn the same amount of money, and they are about the same in every other way except the way they are using their own money. We will call these two people, X1, and, X2. 

So, let us talk first about X1; You see X1 usually spends just a bit more than X2, let us say about 10% more than X2, this might not seem very much, but with time it becomes a great deal, sometimes X1 uses his credit card to buy things before he gets paid, just because he cannot resist the urge, and when the time comes to pay back what he has borrowed, he has to pay just a few dollars interest to his money lender, so he ends up that he can never save any money, and when he does, he soon find something that he wants to buy and buys it, even if he could have done without it just the same.

Now let us talk about X2: Okay, X2 is different from X1 because he has made up his mind to save as much money as he can, because he really wants to buy a house. So, X2 every week saves two hundred dollars and deposit it in a saving deposit book that also pays him some interest if he has money in it. He has worked it out that in one year he can at least save $10400 plus the interest that he can earn from the bank. So he reckons that in a few years he will be able to have enough money for a deposit to buy his house. Okay, it will take a few years because to buy your house safely you need a big deposit, but so what that is what most of us need to own in our life. 

This is what is needed from you young people; the will to save money, because that is the only way to build up equity and equity makes more equity, that is how the financial world is being run today; I hope you understand that it is up to you to make the effort, because that is the only way if you want to be financially independent enough to be able to buy your own house, and then even a second house, because as we have said money makes money if you know how to use it properly. Therefore, you need to stop dreaming about money coming your way the easy way and start saving money whenever you can, I hope that I have explained myself clear enough for you to understand what is needed. I suppose that by now you are asking yourself, but how much money is needed to buy your first house and this is what we are going to talk about next. 

You have tried to save money for years, now you believe that you have enough  money for a deposit, so you start asking the bank where you have your money, if they want to loan your the money you need to buy your house. You need to ask many questions before you decide, you have also to compare what they charge with other banks before you are ready to buy.  

 How much money we need to buy a house?

We have discussed several things already about buying a house, but what we have not discussed yet is how much of our own money we need; you see this is the crucial point that any buyer should really try to know before they buy a house or whatever piece of real estate they are trying to buy. The first thing you have to assume is that you need a good deposit to buy a house, if you have been able to save enough money and have a large sum of money for a deposit, then it is easy to buy and you will not get in financial troubles later on, but if you try to buy with a small deposit you might run the risk to lose the property they you have bought, because you might not be able to repay your loan. So, let us look at a few examples and try to compare them to see what is involved.

Today here in Australia and I believe in most of the western world that runs financial matters like we do here in Australia, to buy a house you can find help in the banks and other financial societies that specialize in giving loans to people to buy houses or any other sort of Real Estate, and even the first home buyer is welcome to use them, but there are rules that you have to follow to qualify for the loan and what does it involve. You see banks and financial societies need security, in other words they want to feel sure that you are able to pay them back their capital and also the interest that they will be charging on the loan.

Therefore for a first home buyer to have a large enough deposit is necessary, it would also be helpful that this money you have saved to buy your house, you have deposited in the bank or the financial society that you are using to apply for the home loan; you see if you have done that they already have the record of how much money you are able to save in a certain amount of time. Let us now try to put forward a few examples:

Let me start with the first loan that we used when we bought the first house. In those times the banks had very strict rules to follow; for the first home buyer they required that you had a deposit of about 25% of the cost of the house you were buying, and that the repayment were about ¼ of your wage that you took home, so in those times people usually were able to pay their loans, just because the banks had this strict rules to follow. But today they are willing to loan money more easily, so it is also up to you the buyers to work out if you can afford the loan repayments easily.

Therefore, because the lenders have relaxed a bit the lending rules, it is easier for the buyers to borrow a larger sum of money that they could have borrowed in the past, but this is not always helpful, because you can borrow more than what you would be able to pay the monthly mortgage when it becomes due; so buyers beware and don’t rely on the lenders judgment, because after all the lender are there to lend you money, so that they can make more money for themselves; therefore it is important that you should work it out yourself several time before you get involved, because the banks have their own ways how to get their money back, as we will explain later on. Therefore, what should we be looking for if we want to borrow a loan that we can afford to pay back? We will explain a bit more here-under. 

 Working and reworking what is safe to borrow

So, let us see now, how much money would be safe to borrow and what we should know and keep in mind when we work it out what we can borrow safely. As I have already mentioned above, when the banks were really strict you had to have about ¼ of the cost of the house, and you should have been able to pay the monthly payments by using one quarter of your wages that you took home. This formula is what you have to take as a bench mark to check how safe is to borrow money, but even then sometimes something might go wrong.

But today some of the lenders are happy if you have 10% deposit of the total cost of the house, and the buyers that borrow money should really work out if they can afford to pay back what they are borrowing; we know that most of the lender will not loan you money if you have no chance at all of paying it back, but at the same time they are not extra careful as they used to be and they take their own chances, hoping for the best outcome.

So, buyers beware if you haven’t a large enough deposit, because you are going to need a bigger loan to buy your house, and therefore a bigger monthly repayment. Now if you have a very good job and you earn enough money to repay the loan, it might still work out well, but at the same time you have to remember that this is also going to cost you a lot more to repay the loan in full; and also remember it is worth to play it safe, so do your maths before you buy, work and rework out what you can afford. In order to help you the buyer, we are going to write here a few examples about what the loan might cost you, so that we would be able to compare the outcome.

So let us assume that Mr. X is borrowing $300,000 dollars to buy a house. The Banks will loan this money on a 7% interest, this is a bit more of what the actual bank is charging, but we work on this 7% just to cover also the hidden costs that are not shown at first sight.

Just let us make it very simple to understand to the people that are borrowing money for the first time and let us use just round figure. For $300,000 loan at 7% the interest for the first year will be about $21,000, now you have to pay a bit more than that for you to start repaying the capital to the bank, so, let us say another $5,000 or there about. So it is obvious that you need at least $26,000 per year to pay back the bank the first year; which will be a bit less than $2,200 per month, here the question arise can Mr. X afford that easily?

Mr X must make sure that he can afford it and has also to keep in mind that when you own a house there are other expenses, like: insurance, the local authority taxes, water supply, power and other services that are needed over the time you are living in your house. There is also maintenance to budget about, you see soon or later you are going to do something to maintain the house in good conditions and there are many other things to consider. So make sure that it can be done, or at least believe that you can afford it.                                           

Sorry I have to leave now, but I am going to continue this hub soon, so remember to come back for more information soon? 

Another thing that is important to know is insurance and fire safety. 


House insurance

When you buy a house it is important that you insure the property as soon as you sign the contract, because you may become responsible about that building as soon as you sign the contract. You see a house costs a lot of money and you cannot afford to lose it if something goes wrong. Of course the greatest dangers here are; the fire and storm and tempest, but also many other things can go wrong, so it is wise to insure the property. Now that we are talking about fire and the danger it could bring, let us talk about fire safety and what can be done to minimize the danger. You see, in our lives one of the main dangers is fire and water, in facts there are sayings in many languages; God help us from water and fire! You see these two elements that are so friendly when they are in the right proportion, they suddenly can become very dangerous and life threatening, so we have to guard ourselves from these dangerous two elements and also from other dangers. 

 Fire safety first in wooden houses

In this article here we will be talking about the importance of fire safety first in the houses and particularly in wooden houses, because they can catch fire and burn more quickly than houses built with bricks and cement. Therefore we should ask ourselves, what should we do to minimize the danger for the house occupants? And also, what else can be done to make it safer for the occupants?

Dear readers, I am writing this article, because something has just happened nearby last night that has prompted me to write about this fire safety issue, therefore let me write this new short article about the extra dangers that we as the occupant face in these wooden houses, because it is easier for them to burn down and they burn down a lot quicker than a solid brick and concrete building, even though they can also burn down.

As I said, what has prompted to write this hub is what has just happened last night to a house just a few doors from my daughter house. Somehow we don’t know yet the reason but this house burned down, at the moment it may sound as if there was an electrical fault that started the fire, but really nobody knows yet if this was the reason, anyhow this is the extra danger that we as occupant face when we live in these wooden houses.

Therefore at this point of time one may want to ask; what can be done to avoid or minimize the danger of fires? I am sure that we all would like to know what is the best way to do that, so that we would be ready to avoid this fire danger the best way possible; you see, this is what I am trying to explain next in my own personal ways; since I believe that I might have one thing or two to say that could help, even if it is in a small way. First of all, let us try to stay alert and therefore aware of the danger of fire in these wooden houses, since they burn very quickly, we need also plan what to do to avoid the risks involved, or what should we do to minimize the dangers?

How to minimize the fire danger

Therefore, let us see, what we could and should do to minimize the fire danger?

Today we all talk about that fire alarms may save life and in fact they do save lives; therefore we all have to understand that we must at least have a system for fire alarms, even if it might consists of one single fire alarm: but that is not all, as there are a lot of other things that one can do, so, let us take a look at what can be done to prevent the building catching fire, but at the same time and above all let us find a way how to avoid loss of life, which is really a tragedy that most times could be prevented, if everything is planed the right way.

You see, there are many fire hazards in our houses these days, in fact there are many more fire hazards today than have been in the past. In the past the fire hazard was present only when we had to have a fire going, but usually we were there to mind the fire and use the fire to our advantage, and we were very much aware of its danger, because we used fire constantly. Today we don’t use the fire as much as we did in the past, because there are other things that have taken its place, therefore our awareness of its dangers has become a bit dull so to speak, therefore we seem to be less careful about fire hazards, but let us have a look where these fire dangers might be hidden.

Today when it is cold instead of lighting a fire we have other sorts of heater to warm the place up, some of these heaters are or might be a fire hazard and really we should not use those heater that can cause a fire, but if we have to use them, then we should really monitor them constantly until the day that we are able to replace them with another type of heather that is safer. But as we all know or at least we have heard all electric devise can become a fire hazard, so when we are not using them we should turn them off properly. For instance, when we go out we should make sure that everything is turned off properly and above all when we go to bed we must turn them off, just in case they might start a fire.

Now, what I have said above is only a way for preventing the fire to start and then burn the house down, but sometimes no matter how careful we are a fire can get started for many reasons, for instance when an electrical fault starts the fire; so we have to be ready even for that and work out a way how to avoid this fire danger, even if we have to run away from the fire if we are in danger, since this might be the only wise thing to do.

As I have just said, sometimes the only wise thing to do is to run away from the fire if you are in danger, so this question arises, how can we do that easily and safely when we happen to be inside and all the doors are locked?

Here I have to say that I am writing this explanation in this hub in order to say that we need to set everything in a way that it is easy for us to escape the fire, since not many people seems to point out this particular danger; I believe that sometimes people make mistakes when they want their houses safe from break in, because they overdo it, so, they may be able to make their house safe from break in, but in doing so they put their lives at risk from the fire, because they put safety bars to all windows and doors, when this is done it becomes very hard to get in or out of the house.

This is a dangerous mistake that could easily be prevented, if we plan it the right way in advance properly. Therefore before we start putting safety bars to all windows and doors, we should use our common sense and realize that if people cannot get in also people cannot get out, I hope now you see what I mean and this is where the danger is.

Look, how many times we have heard that some people have lost their lives in the fire when their house burned down and this is one of the most horrible scenario when some of them are trapped inside a room and they are crying out for help, but nobody can help them quickly enough to get them out, because all their windows have safety bars on them.

This is what I want to say; whatever you do for safety reasons to prevent unwanted people coming into your house do not overdo it, because it is not worth the risk and you can lose your life. So think first of all how to set everything up in the first place and make sure above all that you have a way out in case of fire, and then you can go ahead and do what you have to do to make your house safe. I am sure that now you are going to ask, how can we achieve that? So let us see what else can be done for safety reasons. 

What else can we do?

So, what else can be done to minimize the fire dangers for the occupants?

To minimize the fire danger for the occupants it is not as easy as it sounds and every house is also different, so there cannot be an easy answer that is the same for every house; therefore everybody is going to work out what needs to be done in their own case, but let us suppose this scenario to start with:

So let us assume that at your house you have a room that has two windows and you are worried that one day somebody will break in, or just walk in without you even knowing it, because in summer when it is hot the windows are usually open and because they are low it is easy for a fit person to get in; so, you are thinking to set safety bars to secure your house.

Okay, it is a good very good idea to put safety bars to the windows to secure your house from thieves, but by putting safety bars to all your windows and doors not only it will stop people getting in, it will also stop people getting out and if there is a fire you are trapped. Therefore, in my opinion you can set safety bars to one window only safely, which you can keep it open all the time if you want, as nobody can get in your house since there are safety bars, the other window you may have to think of doing something else, perhaps you can put safety bars on inches that can manually be opened from the inside, or put in an extra bolts, or whatever it may be needed to make it secure, but whatever you do you should keep in mind that one must be able to open this window manually and easily from the inside.

When we talk about opening a window or door manually, we mean also that you should not install any sort of locks that require a key to open manually, everything must be there in place already and you can open this window easily just by using your hands, therefore you can use this window to or door to escape the fire. This also goes for all the rest of the house, you must leave a way out in each room if possible that you manually can open from the inside and therefore be able to escape the fire. I hope that I have explained myself clear enough about what I believe needs to be done.

I am planning to add more articles if and when I can think of another one, about ways of how we can set or make things for fire safety reasons in our homes. See you soon.

 Friends are there to help

Friends are there to help

Friends are those who help

Dear readers, this article has been modified, so that it does not show up as duplicate content, its name has also been changed from, House for sale or rent, to the present title; Friends are there to help, but at the same time we are trying to say the same things in a different way, so let us hear what we have to say. 

As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Dear readers, we all would be better off if we try to help each other and use our knowledge to help our friends, sometimes we might have to go out of our ways to help some friends, but so what, if you really think it is worth the effort to help your friend, then you should do it.  

Let us not make the mistake that everybody that talks to us is our friend, because friends are only those people that when you need help they are willing to help you, sometimes they volunteer their help willingly and sometimes we have to insist to get them motivated to help us, it works both ways, since the help that we might need from a friend could be what that friend has knowledge of but we have not and the other way around. Most times the help we need is just know how and this would cost nothing money wise to our friends, but still our friend might be reluctant to give us his/her know how, because it might put them in a position where they have to tell you some personal things that usually they would not want to talk about willingly, or the line of work they are involved in might in a way forbid them to give us advise willingly; Take the lawyers for instance they are paid just for counselling and their words cost plenty and they might be just a few words of advice.

Anyhow this is not our case, because our case is at a much lower category and it has got to do more about real estate than laws, therefore this may not apply; but nevertheless we may not want to talk about what properties we own and how we acquired them, just because some people might feel jealous and hate us for showing off, so we have to be careful what we say on this real estate subject. But there are times when some of our friends want to buy some properties themselves and they would like to know everything that you know about properties, so that they may avoid costly mistakes.

Houses for sale or rent

Dear readers, this hub was going to be called, houses for sale or rent, to help those people that are looking for real estate. Then I was going to call it, ‘What friends are for’ because I wanted to say, ask a friend for help if you don’t know enough about real estate yourself, but in the end I had to accept to call it “Friends are there to help” which does not really say much about the real estate scope of writing this hub about real estate; anyhow let us see what we can offer to help those people that are about to buy their own house, or just rent one if that is their better option in the long run; at the same time let us describe how friends could help and why sometimes it is not that simple to find people willing to help in these cases. But first of all let us define who could be called a friend, because a friend in need is a friend indeed, as we have said at the very start of this hub.

 Yes, this is the case that we are going to talk about in this hub (article), because one of my friends that we are going to call Joe in this article wants to by a property and is asking me advice how to go about it; so, we are going to talk real estate and what we need to understand before we buy. After all I believe that what we know should be used for the betterment of ourselves first of all, for the betterment of our family and friends and also for the betterment of the rest of the community, so any know how should be shared and the what we are going to do here, while we are answering my friend Joe’s questions; anyhow I am willingly going to share whatever knowledge I might have, because my friend Joe is asking for help, so let us see what Joe wants to know first of all.

 My friend Joe real estate question

Frank, we have been friends for a long time, so I trust you more than anybody else, for this reason I would like to ask your advice about real estate, since I am thinking of buying my own house soon or later. I know that you own a couple of properties and I know that you have bought them yourself; therefore you know what is involved. So, I have come to you because I know that you know about real estate a fair bit than I do and trust your judgment, as I was saying lately I have been thinking to buy a property, so that we will not be paying rent for the rest of our lives, I and my wife both work and we think we can afford a unit or a small house; will you help me to understand those things that we really need to know before we buy?

Okay Joe, since you came to me as a friend I will try to tell you what is important to know in real estate and also our life needs. We all know that the most important needs that we have in life is to satisfy our personal body needs first and once that is done you would be looking for safe accommodation, therefore the need to buy or rent a house. Now I believe that you are renting and you feel as if paying rent is money down the drain, so before you have your own family you would like to buy your own house, is that right?

I can understand that, as we all would like to have some secure accommodations in our lives, it is the dream that everybody dreams and for some of us it will remain only a dream, because we will not have the will power to do what is needed to be done to acquire a property, even though every time we pay rent we are forced to remember that if we had a property that we could live in, we would not have to pay rent, even if we owned a small unit that just would cover our heads.

Anyhow Joe, I am glad that you have decided to do something about it, and you came to me for advice; so, I am saying that I am willing to give you advice freely, but even with my limited advice it is not going to be very easy to buy a property, because it requires a lot of planning, but the most important thing is this; do you have enough money to buy the property? Nine out of ten the answer is no, so you have to borrow money from the Bank or building society or other institution that lend money to the public to buy houses; now if that is the case, then we will have to consider how much money is safe to borrow.       

Joe continues to ask real estate questions

Okay Frank, I know what you mean that it is not easy to buy a house or any property for that matter, but what should we do to get started? We would like to know this, otherwise we will never know what the best way is to go about and what to do next, and that is the reason why I have come to you for advice, so please tell us what you know? As I have said we have some money in the bank, but we don’t know if that could be enough to get us started?

Okay Joe, fist let me give you a very short answer to your several questions you are asking. If you don’t think that you have got enough money, then you need to work out several times what you have and what you can afford to pay, therefore it would be very wise if you start by buying a small house or apartment. Now let me go back to answer the other questions:

You see Joe, I have to go back to my own life experiences to answer your real estate questions; so, I have to say Joe, that to buy a property is not easy unless you have enough money in the bank to buy it outright, but as you said you have some money, therefore I guess that your money is not enough to buy this house that you are wanting to buy, and therefore you are here to learn what is the best way to borrow money.

Now, in order to do that I have to go back to my life experiences to look at what I could tell you, I know that I have already written about this somewhere else, so, in this article of hub pages I cannot repeat much about what has already been said before Joe, otherwise I am running the risk of writing duplicate content and hub pages already is telling me that I repeat too many things, so, Joe I have to be very careful what I write here and I have to give you just one address where you can find what I had already written once in Hub Pages and then later on deleted because of duplicate content and other issues. So Google, “Yola, DIY brickwork .com”, and then click on ‘Buying the first house’ there is a lot more to learn there about buying houses, as over there I am not restricted to repeat what I have already written somewhere else. I hope the link works for you. See you later Joe.

Joe I have tried to help you, because that is what friends are for, when you need help ask a friend, thank you Joe for thinking about me.  

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