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Dear readers, this is a special page that we are publishing here, it is about rentals since sometimes we have to rent some properties, but we will continue to write about brickwork in our other pages, which will be about, building houses, maintaining house, buying your house, or renting some properties, as we are doing in this page; we are also supplying a navigation bar so that you could navigate all our other sites. 



Let us talk about today special rental 

Dear readers, beside working in the building industry and building houses and other accommodation, sometimes we happen to have a property for rent and we are going to use this page to advertise some properties for very close family and friends, so, if you happen to live in Brisbane or close by and you need long term accommodation, it is worth to check this page, you never know we might have what you are looking for. Anyhow here under will be advertised what we have for rent, we believe that what we have for rent are today affordable rentals; so, if you need accommodation check it out. 

This is not just a description, because it is a real 2 bedrooms flat for rent 

Welcome to our site DIY brickwork and this page of Affordable rentals. 

Today is the 23rd of July 2014 and we have a 2 bedrooms flat for rent, all inquires are welcome, beside here are the picture of the building and here under is written what you need to know, if you are interested to rent the flat.  


Available from the 23 of July 2014 until rented

Clean 2 bedrooms partly furnished or if you want unfurnished flat for rent. 

Location: unit 3-28 Hipwood Avenue Coorparoo Brisbane. 

Cost, $300.00 per week

Initial cost, 2 weeks rent plus 4 weeks bond. 

A minimum of 3 months agreement is required. 

Open for inspections on Saturdays from 12.30 to 1.30 PM or by appointment. you could also visit the site whenever you like and if you like what you see, then call Frank on Tel. 07-3397-9614 to make an appointment. 

You can also check us out at our blog address, http://affordablerentals.blogspot.com/

Interior of flat 3/ 28 hipwood Avenue Coorparoo Brisbane: to view the rest you need to inspect it personally.   


Our accommodation needs


Dear readers please note that this is one of our adds for rent, which might be repeated in the future, so we are leaving it in this page to use later on.

Welcome to our page, affordable rentals, or for sale or rent

Today advertisement, Available mid June 2013

Location: at, 48 Elmwood Circuit Springwood Lakes (South East Queensland Australia)

3 bedrooms terraced house, see photo beside;

Cost $330.00 per week plus bond

Now that we have shown you what we have available for rent today, let us go back to talk about general issues about buildings and rental accommodation.   

 During our lives most of us dream to own a home, so when we see a sign for sale we look at what is available, in the hope that we would be able to afford it. Of course most people cannot afford a large house as shown in the picture, and buy small one


This is a small house and very likely is one of those house that the first home buyer can afford. We have to keep in mind that in the beginning it is better to start to buy small houses. Then one day we might be able to afford larger and fabulous one

  Houses for sale or rent

Humanity accommodation needs

The main driving urge that we feel within us is that we should be looking after ourselves, because we are born with the will to survive and therefore we want to look after ourselves constantly; in order to achieve that we know that we have to satisfy our personal needs first of all, the first most important of our needs is that we have to eat and drink; after eating and drinking our next important need would be finding a safe permanent accommodation for ourselves and our family, so that we would be able to rest and sleep, I have no doubts about it; these two needs that we have are always at the top of our minds and are driving us to think what we need to do all the time.

Having said more or less that deep within our heart we know that we need some secure accommodation, now, let us at least dream that one day we are looking for a property for sale, because we would like to buy one. You see I believe that most of us will at least dream that one day we would own our own home; it is only natural that we do, because if we are renting we are forced to remember that every time we have to pay the rent? Therefore at that moment we wish that we owned that property outright, even if it is a small unit that just covers our heads; because after eating and drinking having a roof over our heads is the most important need that we have. But for most of us that will remain only a dream unless we are prepared to do our best and really try to buy our own accommodation?  

Dear readers, in this article we would like to talk about our accommodation needs, which drive us to notice those for sale or rent signs whenever and wherever we are driving or walking about in town, because those signs for sale or for rent reminds us that we are still renting, and we have not been able yet to secure any property in our name, which we believe it would be a good thing to do, because while we are renting we feel that rent is money down the drain.

But what we need to do to achieve that this is the first question that comes to our minds. And then, are there the right ways and a wrong ways how to do it? You see to buy a property is not easy to say the least, in fact it is very hard when one starts and does not have much money and does not know even how to go about.   

But we need to do something about it, because back in our minds we really would like to own a property, and we start thinking, if other people are doing it I/we should be able to do it also, so we start looking at ways how to go about to buy this property?

Okay, to buy a property it is not easy, unless and somehow you happen to have money in the bank? Well I should say that not many people have money in the bank these days, even though it is not as hard as it used to be to earn money these days, because when I was young there were times when it was very hard to earn money, and there was not any help from the government ether when there was no work, so the little money we made we had to save it for those times when there was no work, I hope you see what I mean? So, I and most other people that lived at those times went through the school of hard knocks so to speak. Anyhow anything that happens during one’s life will teach something that can be useful later on; so all is not lost and from this hard life experiences something good would come out of it, if one is able to use them to your advantage. 

 Using those life experiences

As we were saying at the beginning, looking at those signs for sale or for rent makes one desire to buy a property, but how to achieve that is hard to know. You see dear readers I have also gone through with all this experiences and desires to buy my first own house. But somehow I believe that I was in a better position then, because I would have known my position better than the young people of these days, because I already knew that I had to save enough money to buy a property, as it could not be done in any other ways.  

Look, I have to tell you that I was not any smarter than you are today, but as I have said we were used to save money, so we had this first and most important principle right, because to save money when there is not much money around is very important? Having said that now it follows that for me when I earned good money automatically I would save it?

Today the young people do not seem to understand that to make money one needs to work, because when they are very young they see their parents and friends to go to the bank or the teller machine and draw money out of it, so they think that money comes easy and they don’t have to worry about saving it? But they are very wrong in that judgment, because to make money somebody must have worked hard somewhere; you see money is only a vehicle that entitles the owner of that money to exchange it with other goods; at this point of time one could say that money equals goods that have been produced and have been exchanged with money.

Now let me go back to the facts that we need to save money, if we are going to buy our own accommodation and let me tell you this so that you can see what I mean. Let me take an example during my own life when there was not much money to go around; now let us say that you get your first job and you work hard at it because you want to keep it, as there are not many jobs around and you need the money. Then when the time comes and you collect the first pay in cash, as it was done at the time when I started working, when you see that money in your hands, you feel satisfied with yourself just because you have been able to earn that money. You are not going to go out and spend that money left right and centre, because to earn that money was hard work? That is the principle of making money, somebody must have worked hard to make that money and there is no other way about it.

So, working hard and saving is the first principle to start with if you want to own your own house. If you do that then there is a good chance that one day you really are going to look at those sign for sale and be able to buy your own house, even if it is a small house or one bedroom apartment. And then you could say goodbye to paying rent?


 How to get ready to buy

To buy your own house is not easy at in sounds, not only because you need a large amount of money to start with, but also because there are many things that one should know, if you don’t want to make costly mistakes. But here we could and would like to help you with our own acquired knowledge, since we have bought some properties ourselves.

Now what we are going to tell you here cannot apply strictly worldwide, because costumes and laws are usually different from country to country, and time and places can even be different in the same country; but the hard core principle remain the same, so what we are going to say here may not exactly apply to you and you have to allow for the difference that might exists at the time that you buy, it is important that you know a bit the financial laws, so that you may understand how the money market works, and also the residential laws of the country where you are buying your accommodation, because there are many types of holdings, but let us assume that you are buying a house or unit here in Australia, and you are buying a freehold title, this means that once you have bought it remains in your name forever unless you sell it to someone else.

Now that we have sorted out what we are buying and we are buying a freehold property, let us see how we can finance it, because here we need to be very careful also even if we have a fair amount of money, which usually we don’t. But even if you happen to have enough money to buy your house cash, it might be safer that you don’t, unless you know a lot about properties and you have a good solicitor that can do your paper work right the first time around.

But here in our case we are really trying to explain how to buy your first house safely, with whatever money you have been able to save, and what should the first home buyer understand in order to achieve that safely, so let us talk about money now and what is the best way to organize your finances, and to understand what is involved. So in our next hub we will be talking about, buying your first house. 

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